Welcome to St. Anne’s Class

Teacher: Miss Hargrove

Teaching Assistant(s): Mrs Moore, Mrs Guyatt

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

This half term in Reception our theme is ‘Space’.

Each week we read a book and have a focus for the week. This week we have started by reading ‘The Space Train’ and some nonfiction books about the sun and the planets in our solar system.

In Phonics we are moving onto our next set of sounds in Phase 2. I have attached these to this letter.This week we have looked at some double letters at the end of words. The children learn these as diagraphs – ‘two letters, one sound’. We have learnt ‘ss’, ‘ll’ and ‘ff’ this week. We also learnt the sound ‘j’ and have started to write some CVC words using sounds we have learnt.

We have reading practise groups each day where we talk about books and practise sound talking and blending to read CVC and VC words.

In Maths we are on our number unit: It’s Me, 1, 2, 3. We have been busy counting and making collections of objects to represent numbers. We have also been ordering and sorting representations of different numbers.

After our successful other faiths weeks in RE, we will now be learning about Baptism and looking at how families are welcomed into the church. The children are also now beginning to join the whole school for some assemblies and liturgies each day. They did a lovely liturgy with their prayer partners in Year 5 on Thursday 36th October.