St Mary’s RC Primary School are working towards the

GOLD ‘Anti-Bullying Award’

as along with our Catholic values believe in choosing respect and always expressing behaviour choices positively, choosing to restore justice and reconcile friendships from the school’s Catholic Ethos.

Anti-Bullying Club

Previously, as a result of many anti-bullying projects Year 5 children prompted, organised and did run an ‘Anti-Bullying Club.’ There are numerous children in KS2 who are named and available to ‘comfort people and make them happy.’ This group was known as the play pals. These children follow the school’s behaviour policy of being active listeners and restoring justice asking all the children involved for solutions. There were allocated members on duty every lunchtime. This group also took time to read from the Bible and discuss how the morals link to our playground culture.

Although our school is operating very differently due to the circumstances of Covid-19 we are looking at promoting a similar role within our class bubbles.

Anti-Bullying Charter

Each child created a heart to put together and share the message that we have ‘A Heart that sees’ In class we discussed and promised to do all they can to help prevent bullying, to be a good friend and to help people if they are being bullied.

To be updated by our ‘puzzle pieces project’ in November 2020.

Please view our Anti- Bullying Policy :

Feedback of our policies and procedures are always welcomed.

For additional information and advice on bullying visit any of the sites below:

Need someone to talk to?

Talk to a trusted adult. This could be a parent, teacher, family member or family friend. DON’T keep it to yourself.

Childline: 08001111