Welcome to St. Maximilian Kolbe’s Class

Teacher: Mrs Brown

Teaching Assistant(s): Mrs Watkins

Pentecost 2 Term- what will we learn?

Hello Families,

Welcome to Year 1’s class page. This is my second year of teaching in year 1 now and I absolutely love it. I love making learning fun and engaging. Please read below for an overview of what the children will be learning about for this second Pentecost term.

In Phonics this half term, we will be practising all the phase 2, 3, 4 and 5 sounds and words the children have learnt so far in EYFS and year 1. We will also be learning the last of the phase 5 sounds which we haven’t learnt yet. This will prepare the children for going into year 2, where they will continue learning spellings using the Little Wandle phonics scheme.

In English, this term we will be focusing writing a recount. The children will be writing a recount about their trip to the farm they will be going on at the end of June.

In Maths our learning begins with Geometry, where the children will be learning about position and direction. Then we will be moving onto place value within 100. We will then be ending the term with money, and then telling the time to o’clock and half past.

In RE, we will be carrying on with our current topic ‘Neighbours’ where we will learn about our global neighbours all around the world and how Jesus teaches to be good neighbours. We will then be moving onto our final topic ‘Being Sorry’, where the children will think about how we always have a choice, sometimes we make the right choice and sometimes we don’t but God will always help us to make the right choice and be sorry if we don’t, and he will always forgive us.

Our topic this term is called Family Album. Within this topic we will be learning all about history within living memory, and looking at history within our families.  The subjects we will be learning as part of this topic are History and Art & Design.

As part of our Science this term, we will be looking at weather diaries and looking at the patterns in weathers. As part of this, we will be checking the weather on the BBC website everyday and seeing if the weather matches the forecast.  We will have a special VIP guest called Marty the weather monkey. This is a toy monkey that children take it in turns to take home, and when they have him, they will need to record the weather at different times of the day. We will see if we can spot any patterns in weather.

In History we will be learning about history within living memory. We will be looking at how we have changed since we were babies and the lifecycle of a human. We will also be looking at toys in the past and the present and birthday parties in the past and present. Then we will be looking at significant events that have happened within the children’s lifetime and putting them in chronological order.

In Art and Design we will be looking at the self portrait artists Kathe Kollwitz and Amedeo Modigliani then children will be creating their own self portraits using different materials. They will then choose their favourite to complete their final composition.

In Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) out topic this term will be ‘Created to love others’ and then ‘Created to live in the community’.

You will see below our timetable for this second Pentecost half term along with the knowledge organisers for our different subjects this term.

Look out for up-to-date messages and homework on Class Dojo.

Many thanks,

Mrs Brown and Mrs Watkins

Year 1 Pentecost 2 Weekly Timetable

Pentecost 2 History Knowledge Organiser

Pentecost 2 Art & Design Knowledge Organiser

RE Topic 8- Being Sorry Knowledge Organiser

RE Topic 9- Neighbours Knowledge Organiser

Year One Curriculum- Yearly overview

Our RE curriculum consists of nine topics with the following themes:

  1. Families
  2. Belonging
  3. Waiting
  4. Special People
  5. Meals
  6. Change
  7. Holidays & Holydays
  8. Being Sorry
  9. Neighbours

As well as covering two other faiths- Judaism and Islam. 

Year 1 RE expectations:

Little Wandle Graphemes Chart

Little Wandle Tricky Words by Phase and Term