Welcome to St. Lorenzo’s Class

Teacher: Miss Buttarazzi

Teaching Assistant(s): Mrs Adamek

The Lent Term- What will we learn?

The Farm Shop

In English we are focusing on reading and exploring lots of stories based on a Farm setting. We will be developing the children to use inference to explore characters’ feelings and emotions in the stories, as well as using hot seating. The children will progress onto using a story map to innovate the story ‘Mossop’s Last Chance’, incorporating the skills learnt throughout the topic. Afterwards, our learning will focus on Persuasion where the children will create a leaflet for a Farm in Loughborough to encourage others to go.

In Maths we will continue to explore Statistics before beginning Properties of Shape, followed by Fractions.

In RE we will focus on the topic ‘Opportunities’ to explore Lent and preparations for Easter. The children will use a range of role play in RE to develop their understanding of the Bible Stories and Priests’ role in the Church during the lead up to Easter.

Our Science topic focuses on Plant Growth. The children will use our school Disciplinary Skills of a Good Scientist to observe and describe how a hyacinth bulb grows into a mature plant. We will use gardening to develop these skills, making links to our Design and Technology all about growing and eating healthy fruits and vegetables.

In Design and Technology, we will use the Disciplinary Skills of a good Designer to select ingredients to create and design a healthy Salad. We will integrate Food for Life sessions to taste test lots of healthy ingredients and promote healthy eating.

Our Geography lessons will focus on learning about a small area within a contrasting non-European country; Malawi. We will be focusing on using our Disciplinary Skills of a good Geographer to compare the Human and Physical features of Malawi to Loughborough; making links to our learning from the Autumn Term.

In Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) we will be learning about Keeping Safe.

In PE, the children will be doing Net Games with the Sports Coaches.

You will see below our block curriculum timetable for this next half term along with the knowledge organisers for our new topic: The Farm Shop.

Look out for up-to-date messages and homework on Class Dojo.

Many thanks,

Miss Buttarazzi and Mrs Adamek

Extra Resources:

If you find your child needs extra practise in Maths or English – please use some of the workbooks and resources below to recap and revisit prior learning