Our Staff look forward to welcoming and working with you and your child.


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher : Miss P Jordan: DSL, Child Protection, Assessment, Attendance, Catholic Life, Prayer and Liturgy lead, History lead

Deputy Headteacher : Mrs J Rutledge: Deputy DSL, RE Lead, Curriculum and Pupil Premium Lead, Collective Worship, RSHE and MFL Lead

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo) : Mrs J Rutledge


Teaching Team

EYFS Class Teacher: Mrs E Hargrove – English Lead

Y1 Class Teacher : Mrs A Brown – ECT +1

Y2 Class Teacher : Miss E Buttarazzi – ECT +1

Y3 Class Teacher : Mr H Mount – PE Lead and Computing Lead

Y4 Class Teachers : Mrs Hill – Science Lead, Anti-Bullying and Eco-Committee Lead

Mrs Hunt – Art and Design lead and design and technology lead

Y5 Class Teacher : Miss Nicholls – Maths Lead

Y6 Class Teacher : Miss C Fonseca – Geography Lead

Teaching Assistant Team:

Mrs M D’arcy : Teaching Assistant 

Mrs A Guyatt : Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor 

Mrs M Wilson : 1:1 Teaching Assistant, Cover Supervisor,  Midday Supervisor and After-school Club Care

Mrs O’Connell : Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor, and Pupil Premium Teacher

Mrs D Heald : Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor and After-school Club Care

Mrs B Adamek : HLTA  and Midday Supervisor

Mrs N Watkins : Teaching Assistant and ELSA

Mrs M Tumber : 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Singh: 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Clarke: 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Truslove: 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mr Headley: Sport’s Coach

Mr Mitchell: Sport’s Coach Apprentice

Office and Premises Team:

Office Manager : Mrs AM Fox

Office Administration and Teaching Assistant : Mrs R Moore

Premises Officer : Mr B Neale

Premises Assistant: Mr J Wright

Midday Supervisor : Mrs A Delli-Sante