Meet Our Staff

Our Staff look forward to welcoming and working with you and your child.

Headteacher  Miss P Jordan  Child Protection, Assessment, Collective worship & music lead

Deputy Headteacher : Mrs E Davis, English  and Pupil Premium Lead

Mrs B Cavanagh:  Office Manager

Mrs R Moore: Office Administration and Teaching Assistant

Mr B Neale: Premises officer

Mrs A Delli- Sante: Premises Assistant, Midday Supervisor

Mrs L White: Premises Assistant

Mrs K Richardson : EYFS teacher, SENCO (special needs), SLT, Phase leader KS1 & EYFS.

Mrs R Petty: Y1 Class teacher, Math’s Lead, SLT

Miss E Hargrove: Y2 Class teacher : Phonic’s lead, Art and Design lead

Mr H Mount:  Y3 Class Teacher, Geography and Computing lead, Math’s team

Mrs J Devine: Y4 Class teacher, Curriculum lead, PE and history lead, SLT & KS2 Phase leader

Mrs E Hill: Y5 Class teacher,  Science & PHSE lead

Mrs E Abell: Y6 Class teacher, RE  and Curriculum Lead, SLT

Mrs M D’arcy: Teaching Assistant,  midday supervisor, After school club care

Mrs A Guyatt: Teaching Assistant,  midday supervisor, After school club care

Mrs M Wilson: Teaching Assistant,  Cover supervisor,  midday supervisor, After school club care

Miss A Johnston: Teaching Assistant, dance and Gym extra curricular provider

Mrs O’Connell: Teaching Assistant,  midday supervisor, After school club care , pupil premium teaching

Mrs D Heald: Teaching Assistant,  midday supervisor, After school club care

Mrs B Adamek: HLTA, SENCO Admin, midday supervisor

Mrs N Watkins: Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Tumber: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Chiavetta: Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Kabala: Midday supervisor

1. Mrs Chiavetta : EYFS teaching assistant. 2. Mrs Wilson: Teaching Assistant, Cover Supervisor and Midday supervisor.3 Mrs Adamek: teaching Assistant. 4 Miss Jordan Headteacher 5. Mrs Neale Premises manager 6. Mrs Hill class teacher 7. Mrs Crowe Kitchen Manager 8.Mrs Delli- Sante Midday supervisor and premises assistant. 9 Mrs White Premises  Assistant.

1. Mrs Moore: Teaching Assistant; office  assistant   2. Mrs Petty class teacher 3. Mrs O’Connell Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor, 4. Mrs Watkins Teaching Assistant  5. Mrs Devine Class teacher 6. Mrs Heald Teaching Assistant and Midday supervisor. 7. Mrs Tumber: Teaching Assistant 8. Mrs Guyatt Teaching Assistant & Midday supervisor. 9 Mrs Richardson Class teacher.

1. Mrs Abell Class teacher 2. Mrs Davis Deputy headteacher 3. Mr Wright Supply teacher 5. Mrs Thompson supply teacher 6. Mrs Hunt Supply teacher & parish Catechist for Reconciliation and Communion. 7. Miss Hargrove Class teacher 8. Miss Johnston after school dance teacher 9. Mrs Buccheri Teaching Assistant and Midday supervisor.

St Mary's Catholic Primary School