Catholic Life and Mission of the School

We Love, We Pray, We Learn, We Play.

With Jesus as our guide we promise, to care for one another, To work hard, To build a community in Christ’s Love.

At St Mary’s everyone is welcome. The community embraces the message of Jesus to ‘Love our neighbour’, and as such celebrates diversity in all it’s richness.

St Mary’s is a nurturing school, where children can be everything God meant them to be. Following Jesus’ example we strive for the children to be happy and to grow in God’s love and fulfilment. The community takes this message to our local community and to the wider world, through their faith, actions and charity work: such as supporting the twin school in Ghana or by supporting the work of Cafod or Mary’s Meals.

The Catholic Life of the school permeates through every part of the Curriculum and timetable for the day and is visible and felt the moment you walk through the school. Using the diverse cultural backgrounds of children to learn about other faiths is a gift the school embraces. Pupils lead and plan the collective worship in their own classrooms and for the whole school, including planning of masses in school.

There is a rich diet of daily collective worship, using all the pupil, staff and Parish talents. St Mary’s is very blessed to have St Mary’s church as it’s immediate neighbour and the ease of visits to the church and from the  Parish Priests, enhances the Catholic life, Prayer life and the RE learning in school.

The school also uses Ten Ten to supplement it’s collective worship. The Monthly parent newsletter is below.