St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Foundation Stage

Hello we are St Leo's Class. 

We are taught and looked after by 

Mrs Richardson and Mrs Chiavetta.

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Friday 16th October

It's Friday and the end of our week and the first half term! I hope you are all keeping well at home and I look forward to us all being together soon.

To end our Maths this week you need to watch Lesson 5 in the It's Me 123 Maths topic.

Today you are going to make some 1,2,3 matching cards and play a game. Look at the activity sheets below.

The last sound you are going to hear for this week is the letter sound 'p'. Watch the video to find out more.

What can you find around your home beginning with 'p'? Remember to draw them for me.

Can you remember all the sounds you've learnt this week? Did you have a go at writing them as well? Wonderful work.

To end the week lets play a game. Let's Compare is a game which focuses on the comparative vocabulary of biggest, smallest, shortest, longest and tallest.

Use this link-


I hope you all have a great half term even though you have to stay at home. Make sure you have  a good rest too, ready for all the fun learning we are going to do after half term. Please keep yourselves safe and well.

From Mrs Richardson



Thursday 15th October

I think it's going to be sunny today. So if it is can you try to go outside for some fun and fresh air. Perhaps you could collect lots of different things from your garden, if you have one.

Todays Maths is Lesson 4 in the It's Me 123 topic.

You could use the objects you collected outside to do the activity sheet below. Or use things in your home.

Today you are going to learn the letter sound 't'. Watch the phonics video to find out about this sound.

Remember to find and draw all the things that start with the sound 't'. I hope you are keeping all your wonderful pictures for me to see when we get back to school.

We have started a new topic in RE. It is called ‘Welcome’. I would like you to talk with a grown up about how we welcome people. We can smile at them and say hello. Can you draw a picture of welcoming someone in your family with a smile. Keep it to show me after half term.

I hope you have a lovely day. Remember to take care of each other and keep safe.

From Mrs Richardson.



Wednesday 14th October

I hope you all had a great day doing all your work yesterday. Here is todays work for you.

I would like you to watch Lesson 3 in the It's Me 123 Maths topic.

Todays number is 3. What can you find 3 of in your home? Can you you draw a picture of them to represent 3?

Here is the activity sheet for you to look at.

Our phonic sound for today is 'a'. Watch the lesson below.

What can you find at home beginning with this sound? Don't forget to draw a picture of them.


How are you getting on with learning to recognise the words. How many can you read already?

Have a lovely day.

Mrs Richardson

Tuesday 13th October

Good Morning. I hope you are all well. Today you have to do all your work at home because we can't be in school together at the moment. Please do your best to do the activities today. Each day there will be different things to do. There will be a Maths and Phonics activity for you to complete.

In our Maths we have started a new topic, It's Me 123. Here is the link for you to watch and the activities for you to do. Watch Lesson 1 and Lesson 2. If you can not watch the lessons you can still do the activities below.

The activities for you to do are below-

Our Phonics for today is looking at 's'. Watch the link below.

What can you find at home beginning with 's'? Can you draw them on a piece of paper.


Please practise writing your name everyday, look at the letter formation sheet below (Resources for remote learning). Remember to only use a capital letter at the beginning of your name.

I hope you have a great day. Be good at home and look after each other.

From Mrs Richardson.

It is recommended by Public Health Leicestershire and by both Leicester City and Leicestershire County Councils that parents should wear face coverings when dropping off and picking up their children from school.  This will contribute to the minimising of transmission of COVID-19.  We thank you for your support and understanding in this regard.”

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