St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Welcome to Year 5  

Teacher: Mrs Hill

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wilson

Year    5    #Followtherainbow

Welcome back!

Summer term 2 Week 1

Please refer to the timetable below for a guide order of the day, morning research tasks and summary of the tasks to complete.

Monday 1st June work

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Tuesday 2nd June work

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Wednesday 3rd June work

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Thursday 4th June work

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Friday 5th June work

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I would also like to inform you all that I will be co-teaching in Year 1 from 1st June and so I will plan to put on a weekly timetable and more than one days worth of resources at a time. This also means that I will not always be available to reply to messages or submitted work as frequently, although I will try my best to look at posted work weekly. If you have any urgent questions or queries we will have staff in the office available to offer advise and support who could also pass messages onto me. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Please make sure you are keeping all your wonderful work you are completing at home in your given exercise book. Be sure to stick in any sheets and remember every subject should have the date and learning focus at the top of a new page. We should aim to maintain our high standards of work presentation.


 H A P P Y    S U M M E R   T E R M  2 !


Stay safe,


Mrs Hill



Notices:-Homework will still be uploaded online on Wednesdays and due in on the next Wednesday unless stated otherwise.



Battle on Times Table Rock Stars. 



Complete a self assessment of your end of year report - honesty is the best policy! Explain what you have most enjoyed about RE, Maths, English & Science. Include your strengths in each subject and add in a short target to you need work on for year 6. Template attached below. I will be sending these to Mrs Abell! Template below.

Post to DOJO by Friday 5th June.

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Saint Roch pray for us.

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