From Foundation class to Year 6,  Phonics is taught through the KTC programme. Please see the scheme and programme on the English page.

Home readers are aligned to the KTC phonics levels in KS1. Children’s reading records are checked weekly, with every child listened to individually or in groups in Guided reading sessions.

Pupils who  beyond year two, who are on the KTC phonic phases, take books out from the Ks1 area. Year Two pupils who have achieved all phases of the KTC, begin to be assessed on the accelerated read system and  take out appropriate books for their level from the school library, which has been organised to the accelerated read system.

Year One Pupils participate in the DFE phonics Screening in June, as do Year Two pupils who have not passed it in Year One. Pupils in year three are also retested, if they have not passed it in Year Two and continue to have daily phonic’s lessons for their ability.