A review of the Geography curriculum has been undertaken recently to ensure that there is full coverage of the National Curriculum, including progression of skills and knowledge from EYFS to Year 6. The school uses the Lancashire planning as a basis for what we teach but have amended it to enhance the pupil’s learning to include local resources. Lessons are taught through topics and a half term spent on the topic each term, with the same duration spent on History. Each Year group will produce a knowledge organiser which shows essential learning and key words required, a curriculum map and topic web showing the skills and knowledge taught in this subject. Prior learning is reviewed at the beginning of the topic- often through a KWL grid and links made to what was previously taught. In order to encourage knowledge to ‘stick’, short quizzes may be carried out at the beginning of the lesson based on what was taught in the previous lesson. Assessment is tracked on the school assessment system of Target Tracker. Teachers highlight the curriculum map as the skills and knowledge are taught to ensure full coverage.

NC Objectives Y1 & Y2


Key Learning in Geography Years 1 and 2

NC Objectives Y3 & Y4


Key Learning in Geography Years 3 and 4

NC Objectives Y5 & Y6


Key Learning in Geography Years 5 and 6