St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Friday 13th September 2019

Dear Parents,

Hope you have had a good week.  This week, year 6 made heart sculptures in Science after checking their heart rate, at rest, after moderate and then after vigorous exercise.  I'll upload the photographs this evening as they aren't uploading at the moment.  They all found out their jobs today and are very excited to begin organising rotas and discussing their plans. 

The year 6 residential visit 2020 is now booked and confirmed for 8  - 10th June 2020 - details to follow but it will cost around £150.  We are going to leave early in the morning on the 8th to have a full day out somewhere in Derbyshire - not fully decided yet - any ideas gladly received.

Please find this week's spellings below and a grammar homework.  We practice spellings at least twice a week in class but some of the scores are a bit patchy so far.  The spellings are those that year 6 children are expected to know.  Also, Friday times table tests show quite a few children don't know their tables yet.  We're going to be sending home practice books soon and the grammar school boys who come in to help on Thursday afternoons, are being asked to play times table games and test children in years 5 and 6 on their tables.

Looking forward to meeting you on Monday evening for the curriculum evening,

Yours sincerely,


Spellings week beginning 16th September












 Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1.pdfDownload
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Friday 6th September 2019

Dear Parents,

We hope you are all well and have had a good week.  Year 6 have had a good week, the highlight probably being dissecting lambs hearts as part of the science topic on the human circulatory system.  We looked at how the Victorian era came about and the children researched famous inventions.  Over the next few weeks, we're going to go for a walk around Loughborough to find evidence of the Victorians in the town centre, including finding the site of the old workhouse.  The children also wrote to Fr Charles for his 90th Birthday before the Mass on Thursday.  We had RE this morning (Learning focus 2 on unconditional love) before going swimming and then this afternoon, they worked on their Lowry paintings.

Please find this weekend's homework below, a new spelling list for next week  and the timetable for this term.   I let them use goggles this morning even if they hadn't handed in a letter but please could they all have letters signed by next Friday if they need to wear goggles.  Swimming is free for all children.

This evening, we are confirming numbers for London with the Thameside youth hostel and will be paying the full balance so please could money be sent in as soon as possible but by the end of this half term at the latest.

Have a great weekend and see you next week,

Kind regards,

E.Abell and E. Davis

Spellings for week beginning 9th September:












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                                                                          Friday 30th August 2019


Good morning!


Looking forward to today.  We're starting the day with a Noun quiz and after our first whole school liturgy of the new year, we're going to do Maths before break.  After break, it's R.E., beginning our new topic which is called Loving.  Friday afternoons are Art afternoons and today we will be exploring the work of Laurence Lowry, painting our own matchstick men.  I'll post the timetable next week.

Yesterday, everyone in school received their reading record.  This year, our library, led by year 6 librarians, is having an overhaul - clearing out the old and tatty books and replacing them with new.  Reading is being placed as one of the highest priorities in school and we are going to be running competitions and reading clubs.  As part of their weekly homework, children in year 6 are expected to read as frequently as possible but no less than three times a week.  These times should be recorded in their reading records.  The reading records will be monitored weekly.

Please find the Maths homework below - the answers are attached too so children can check their own work.


Many thanks,



 Arithmetic - place value.docxDownload
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Thursday 29th August 2019


Dear Parents,


Welcome back!  We hope you had a great summer and are looking forward to working with you over the next academic year.  Any concerns, please do drop in any day after school.

Your children were a pleasure to work with today and were so well-behaved and happy to be back.  We began with a Maths quiz and game then began organising the year 6 jobs and responsibilities.   We listened to every child read and were impressed by their fluency and confidence.  This afternoon, we began our Science topic: Animals and Humans, starting with blood, its functions and composition.  We finished the day making blood smoothies.  There's a big surprise in store for Science next week!

Swimming begins next Friday 6th September and children will need to bring a towel, swimsuit and swim hat for those with long hair.

Homework will be set on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays although they received a "fun" homework this evening, writing a poem about blood.

The letters you received today about this term's curriculum and the London trip are attached below.  

There will be weekly times table check-ups to ensure fluency and speed.  Spelling tests will be on Fridays - please see this week's list below.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon,


Yours faithfully,


E. Abell   and E. Davis


Spelling list - week beginning 29th August 2019















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 Curriculum Map Autumn term 2019.docxDownload
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Converting document.

Year 6 Curriculum Information

Here you will find the end of year expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths for Year 6 pupils.

Please see link to DfE exemplars of Year 6 Writing at the National Expected Standard

 End of Year Expectations Year 6.pdfDownload
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